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Autumn Begins

October 18, 2007

Over the past several months, we’ve all had a string of different projects that have demanded our attention. I’ve been working on an amazing, all-consuming asylum case for a woman from Cameroon. Dave has no doubt been busy with his practice and his attempt to get even bigger (as if one can be bigger than Dave already is….). Ed has been working on new screenplays, and has recently begun doing some freelance work as a marketing consultant for a company that will soon be featured on the CBS evening news.

For the most part, given our other commitments, we have chosen to concentrate our efforts on youth mentoring programs (probably my favorite Man Up Now endeavor). We will still present educational seminars at high schools, and are, as always, particularly interested in presenting workshops geared toward young, “at-risk” males and students – of both genders – from traditionally disadvantaged places. Beyond that, we will still hold the Live Core Transformation Seminar at least twice each year, once in Los Angeles and once in Las Vegas.