Message to Rudy Giuliani: Man Up or Shut Up

I’ve finally had all the Rudy Giuliani as 9/11 hero and savior that I can possibly stand.   Rudy, it’s time for you to shut up.

It’s been a banner month for Giuliani.   As we all know, Rudy – in classic Rudy form – takes all the credit for anything good.  According to the Giuliani camp, Rudy was solely responsible for New York City’s drop in crime.  While most of us recognize that the mayor certainly played some role in that decrease in crime, only an idiot would believe that it was solely – or even primarily – Giuliani’s doing.  A few weeks ago, a brilliant economist named Rick Nevin released what I consider a groundbreaking study that links the decrease in New York City crime rates to a decrease in lead poisoning that occurred during the exact same time frame.   That’s strike one, Rudy.

After the democrat’s YouTube debate, Giuliani had some comments to offer.  He was “shocked” that the democrat’s didn’t once mention the word terror.   Maybe some people prefer to discuss foreign policy, diplomatic relations, and national security.  Maybe terror is the buzzword upon which Rudy has built his entire campaign.  More fear mongering, Rudy?  The word terror scares people, and you know it.  You use it solely for shock value; solely because stupid people are easily influenced into voting based purely on fear.  This is strike two.

Finally, in perhaps his most offensive and disgusting display of egotism, Giuliani has suggested that he spent as much – if not more – time at Ground Zero than the police and firefighters who were the REAL HEROES of that somber day.  Read it yourself!

 “I was at Ground Zero as often, if not more, than most of the workers. I was there working with them. I was exposed to exactly the same things they were exposed to. So in that sense, I’m one of them.”

This is disgraceful.  The brave men and women of the NYPD and NYFD sacrificed their health and in some cases their lives in order to save the civilians caught in those towers.  In the months that followed, iron and construction workers sorted through the debris, exposing themselves to a range of chemical inhalants.  As a result of their efforts, many of these public servants now suffer from a range of health conditions.  Many have been diagnosed with chronic respiratory disorders.  Unfortunately, many of these men and women are not eligible for coverage under New York’s workers compensation scheme. 

Go back to your partners at Bracewell & Giuliani, Rudy.   Go back to your millions of dollars, your ex wives, your estranged children.  Go back to private life and take your massive ego, your lies, and your insults with you. because your a fake and a fraud and you will never be president.


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