So We Hate Vick Because He’s Black… Not Because He Kills Dogs

According to Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports fame, black people love Michael Vick and are clamoring for the man to get his due process, while white people universally hate him and want him to fry.  Cornell West says race matters, and sometimes it certainly does….  but not in this case.  Michael Vick was indicted on some of the most heinous animal abuse and animal cruelty charges I’ve ever seen.   Give him his due process.  Give him his trial.  Based on the complaint and the evidence that exists, the case appears quite strong.

The dogfighting, dog killing, dog abusing behavior is absolutely disgusting.  Vick could be black or white, and I would still feel the same way.

What about Tim Donaghy?  People are pretty disgusted with him right now.  What about all the heat David Stern is taking for letting a crooked ref call games well after we knew he had a gambling problem and owed the mafia tons of money?  Is there a racial divide there, Wetzel?

Get real.  Some people like to create racial animosity and racial drama where none exists.  Vick is a scumbag.  I’d feel the same way whether he was white, black, red, brown, or purple.



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