Man vs. Wild! bear.jpg

bear.jpgWow! It’s like I’m discovering new role models and heroes left and right these days. First, it was Pistorius, the brilliantly fast sprinter who DOESN’T HAVE LEGS! You can read more about him below.

Then, just this weekend, my younger brother – AKA The Big Guy – introduced me to Bear Grylls. Bear is the star of the Discovery Channel’s hit show Man vs. Wild. Now, I’m not a huge fan of most television. In fact, I don’t have a tv at my apartment, so I only watch tv when I’m back home, visiting my family. Well, this weekend, I sat down and watched 3 episodes of Man vs. Wild. This guy, Bear, is clearly a MAN AMONG MEN! He is a champion. He’s fearless, he’s optimistic, he’s confident, he’s alive. He’s everything that men should aspire to me.

If you are thinking about attending the Man Up Now Core Transformation in September, I would advise you to watch a few episodes of Man vs. Wild.

Remember, transforming your core is about HEALTH. Your HEALTH has three essential components:

1) Physical stress

2) Chemical stress

3) Emotional stress

You have to regulate those stresses in order to feel AMAZING. Ask yourself a simple question: How do I feel? Do I feel amazing? Do I feel good? Do I feel ok? Do I feel horrible? If you aren’t feeling good to amazing, then there’s something wrong.

We SHOULD BE SURVIVORS. WE should be more like BEAR GRYLLS. We should be able to survive in the wilderness. We should be able to overcome obstacles. True health is about maintaining a fundamentally positive mental and emotional orientation. It’s about being physical well and strong. It’s about keeping our bodies free of chemicals that will harm us.

There are no quick fixes. There is no silver bullet. This is a WAY OF LIFE. This is a LIFE LONG COMMITMENT. But if you’re ready to commit to TRUE HEALTH, then you can take the first step to transforming your life at the MAN UP NOW CORE TRANSFORMATION.



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