I believe in trying to answer the hard questions. I believe in dealing with the world, with life as it exists. There is nothing contradictory about believing that 1) The world is a fundamentally good place and good things can come from all circumstances and 2) Being saddened or shocked by things that happen in our world.

Ignoring tragic things that happen because I’m afraid they’ll “pull me down” or dismissing the significance of such a tragedy in a “so it goes” manner…because it’s all part of the way the universe unfolds… I just could never do that. I could never say something like that. I could never sit in an ivory tower and shrug my shoulders and feel safe and secure in the knowledge that I understand god and the cosmos and the whole plan… I could never pat myself on the back, thinking I had all the answers.

There’s a darkness and a lightness to everything. In even the most seemingly tragic situations, there is still something good that can come afterward, as a result. Everything has a positive and a negative polarity. It isn’t easy. And pretending it was easy would just be false and disrespectful. But we can grow from this.

Even when you’re reaching higher levels of consciousness, and coming to some inner peace… some peace with yourself and the world… it is still, in my humble and limited opinion, a good thing to feel. To have emotions. To wonder. To question. To ask why or why not. To ask if things could be different.

No one has all the answers, my friends.   I don’t know how or why certain things happen. But I know this: In my heart, I believe that the world is a good place, and that god is fundamentally benevolent. We can learn lessons from everything. We can grow from everything. We must. Either grow or perish.

So let’s try to grow. And let’s all pray. For everyone.



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