Get your dreams.

Live your passion. Follow your dreams. Relentlessly pursue your bliss.

Do not settle. Do not accept mediocrity. Do not accept what is common. Do not delude yourself into thinking that you have to follow the traditional path. Do not convince yourself that you should go with the crowd, do what everyone else does, become part of the rat races, accept mediocrity because it’s safer…

Do what you love. If that means practicing international law at a big firm, then do it. If that means working on vintage cars, then do it. If that means throwing shot put in the olympics, then you better start training like mad, and you better make it happen.

Every day, I meet lots of people who feel compelled to give me advice about the path that I’m on. What I need to do. Where I need to go. Who I need to see. What I need to be. And pick up golf, because it’s good for networking with people. Every day, people feel compelled to steer me back toward a life of mediocrity and faux-security.

Me: “I would only work at a law firm where I truly loved the people. Where my first thought about my peers was, ‘Wow. These are really great people’.”

Attorney from Sibley: “That should be easy”

My friend: “Not really”

This attorney then went on to portray me as young, naieve, foolish… wrong to look at different law firms and differentiate between them based on qualty of people. Call me crazy, but I thought that really liking and respecting your peers was incredibly important.

Follow your bliss. And when you encounter others who are on their path; others who know exactly what they want; who are moving through life and getting the most out of every day… you should embrace those people.. wish them well… not attempt to steer them away from their path.. not attempt to bring them down… or force them to adopt your individual paradigm.

Live and let live. I’ve got my dreams. Get yours.


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