Tithing and Giving Back Opportunities

I’m establishing a scholarship for students who graduate from Baltimore City Public Schools, demonstrate tremendous academic potential, and who have financial need. I’m headed up to Baltimore in a week or two to track down the appropriate people and make it all happen. I plan to give out the first scholarship this June when the school year ends. I might even call a press conference to do it!

Give back. Always give back. When the world gives you much.. when the world blesses you with so much… pay it forward. Help someone else. Serve the community.

Tithe. Give back. It doesn’t have to be a religious thing. Sure, you can give money to your church. Or you can donate to a favorite charity. If you don’t have the cash on-hand, you can go volunteer in your community. Give something to those who really need it. Volunteer at the YMCA, a local soup kitchen, or a high school. You have a gift; you have a message to spread; you can make a contribution. So give something back.

When you tithe, when you give back to society, either by giving money or giving service, you are investing in the community, but you are also investing in your own future wealth. When you tithe, you tell the universe, “I have. I am abundant. I have enough that I may share it with others”. When you tithe, you are expressing a feeling of abundance. That feeling of wealth will fundamentally alter your state of being; you will develop a wealth consciousness; you will feel – deep down in your soul – a sense of prosperity. You will, in short, give money to get money, and you will begin to attract true wealth. Doubt this logic? Look around you. The world’s wealthiest are philanthropists. They always have been. They always will be. Give something back to your community today.

If you want to learn more about who we are.. what we do.. and what Man Up Now is all about, visit our website.

Southwest Baltimore City…….. I’m working to change this….

Southwest Baltimore


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