I have been blessed with an amazing, hilarious, briliant, warm, resiliant family. We – my mother, brother, and sisters – have seen each other through some rough times, but have always come out on top. We’ve always found a way. We’ve always managed to thrive. To laugh. To enjoy life. We are athletes and poets. Teachers and animal lovers. Writers and adventurers. Gardners and daydreamers. Helpers. Givers. Laughing, always, in the sun.

When I think of my mother, I am reminded always of the painting that now hangs on her living-room wall. The painting of the woman in a sun dress, wearing a wide-brimmed white hat, at work in her garden. I remember being a boy, out gardening with mom. Overalls, a shovel, and the company of our favorite cats. And the sun. And the sun tea.

My family has been my greatest blessing; my greatest strength; and the single most profound influence on my life. I love them all so dearly, and am so blessed to have them. They are my rock. They are my joy. They are such a gift to my life and this world.

I am humbled by it. I am blessed.

Jonathan family.jpg


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