Warning Signs

If you ask me what I do with my life, I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you about Man Up Now, education reform, studying law, spending time with my family, mentoring young kids in the inner city, playing sports, lifting weights, writing novels, and getting the most out of every day that I’m alive.

If you ask me what my goals are, I may tell you. I generally follow the philosophy that you should only share your goals and dreams with those who are closest to you; those who truly respect and support your endeavors. But if I trust you, and I tell you about my dreams, I may talk at length about fixing public education… about fixing America’s healthcare system.. about ensuring that every child has a good chance of living a great life.

If you ask me how I feel, or how I’m doing, I might say, “Great”. In fact, odds are that I’m doing great. That I feel fantastic.

If any of this makes you uncomfortable.. if any of my responses make you angry… if you think that I am somehow being cocky, just by answering your questions.. somehow trying to prove something… somehow trying to make you feel bad… then you need to MAN UP and take stock of your life.

This is my life. This is what I do with it. These are my goals and dreams. And I’m happpy. And I’m doing great, thank you. And if any of that upsets you, or makes you feel insecure, that’s your problem, not mine. That’s cause for concern and question, not cause for anger or resentment.

If anyone else’s happiness makes you upset or jealous… If hearing about someone else’s life makes you feel insecure or angry… that is a sure sign that you are not living your life as you TRULY want to live it. It’s a sure sign that you need a change.

Matthew and Max


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