Waiting on the World to Change

gulcrugby3.jpgI love that song by John Mayer. But I’m not waiting on the world to change. We’ve got plans for years. Man Up Now. The YES Program. Step Up Now. Man Up Now Productions. Man Up Now Publications. We have an infinite universe of ways to go out there and make the world better.

I come at everything from the direction of love. I love myself. I love my fellow man. So I strive. So I am good to myself. And I want other people to do the same thing. It doesn’t matter what you strive for. Whether you want to be an engineer or a musician, an actor or a professional soccer player, an investment banker…. a commerical airline pilot (hey Franke!)… Just do what you love. And strive. Strive to be amazing at it. If you do what fulfills you, you’ll be happy. And happiness – yours, and that of those around you – is the greatest thing in the world.

Excited about today’s workout. Weighted pull-ups. Probably will get as high as +115lbs. I’ll post an update later!


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