Man Up Now – Youth Empowerment Sponsorship Program

Hey everyone,

We just launched a youth mentoring program for motivated young men who otherwise would not have access to these types of opportunities. Please read about the program below. If you know a young man you would like to nominate, just send us an email at and we’ll send you details about the nomination process!


(openPR) – Los Angeles, California —- March 14th, 2007 —- Nearly three years ago, standing in front of a room packed with high school students in southwest Baltimore City, Jonathan Pollard, Co-Founder of Man Up Now gave them all one simple, yet powerful piece of advice: “Become your own answer”. Since then, he has moved on from teaching high school in the inner-city, but still remains committed to empowering young men, and teaching them to embrace self-responsibility. Since his days of teaching, Pollard, along with Edward Manfre and David Lewandowski, have created a thriving organization called Man Up Now, which has become a cultural phenomenon, mentioned in the same breath as the film sensation The Secret, which has recently been featured on Oprah and Larry King Live.

Today, Man Up Now announced the launch of it’s Youth Empowerment Sponsorship Program, or, the YES Program. Co-Founder Edward Manfre commented on the young company’s success, and a deeply personal desire to give back to society, “We’ve already grown to more than 3,000 members since our launch in January. All along, we’ve had a plan for the YES program, because helping boys grow into powerful, responsible, successful men is a huge part of our overall mission. We are all about giving back. About helping people. About building community. And it just feels great for us to create another way that we can give back to society”.

While Pollard notes that he has already selected several young men for participation in the YES Program, he says that Man Up Now will be accepting nominations from teachers, principals, counselors, and other civic or religious leaders. Tentatively, young men sponsored by Man Up Now will attend the August 2007 Los Angeles Core Transformation Seminar, with all expenses and materials provided by the company. To nominate a young man or to receive more information about the YES Program, send an email to

Man Up Now specializes in men’s personal and professional development, offering a range of live seminars, books, and educational materials to help every man achieve his ideal mind, body, and soul. After launching in January 2007, the company now has a membership of over 3,000 men, and seeks to bring together influential, successful men from the realms of business, government, athletics, and civic leadership.

Man Up Now
703 Mira Monte Pl.
Pasadena, CA 91101
Direct: 717-816-2813


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