Great Deadlift Workout Last Night

I had my best deadlift workout ever, last night.  I was pretty pumped up from my earlier meeting with Ed, where we talked about the Masterminds Interview Series.  We’re slated to interview two stars of The Secret, and are really excited about speaking with Demartini and Vitale.  Everything at Man Up Now just continues to grow.  We’ve launched a youth mentoring program (the YES Program), and have several other community service endeavors in the works.  I guess all of that positive energy just crossed over into my workout.  I repped 225 for 37 reps, without breaking.  It was intense.  By far, my best showing ever.  I’m going to heal up for a few weeks, and the next time my Crossfit workout calls for deadlifting, I’m going to rep out at 315 and see what I’ve got.


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