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March 29, 2007

I have been blessed with an amazing, hilarious, briliant, warm, resiliant family. We – my mother, brother, and sisters – have seen each other through some rough times, but have always come out on top. We’ve always found a way. We’ve always managed to thrive. To laugh. To enjoy life. We are athletes and poets. Teachers and animal lovers. Writers and adventurers. Gardners and daydreamers. Helpers. Givers. Laughing, always, in the sun.

When I think of my mother, I am reminded always of the painting that now hangs on her living-room wall. The painting of the woman in a sun dress, wearing a wide-brimmed white hat, at work in her garden. I remember being a boy, out gardening with mom. Overalls, a shovel, and the company of our favorite cats. And the sun. And the sun tea.

My family has been my greatest blessing; my greatest strength; and the single most profound influence on my life. I love them all so dearly, and am so blessed to have them. They are my rock. They are my joy. They are such a gift to my life and this world.

I am humbled by it. I am blessed.

Jonathan family.jpg


Hitting the “Slipstream”

March 27, 2007

Another beautiful day in D.C.   81 degrees and sunny.  Life is good.  Psyched for the April Core Transformation in D.C.  Hitting Vitale’s slipstream!


The Picture Below

March 27, 2007

… is my younger brother Matthew, the big guy, when he was only little, outside playing with his bestest pal Max.

Warning Signs

March 27, 2007

If you ask me what I do with my life, I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you about Man Up Now, education reform, studying law, spending time with my family, mentoring young kids in the inner city, playing sports, lifting weights, writing novels, and getting the most out of every day that I’m alive.

If you ask me what my goals are, I may tell you. I generally follow the philosophy that you should only share your goals and dreams with those who are closest to you; those who truly respect and support your endeavors. But if I trust you, and I tell you about my dreams, I may talk at length about fixing public education… about fixing America’s healthcare system.. about ensuring that every child has a good chance of living a great life.

If you ask me how I feel, or how I’m doing, I might say, “Great”. In fact, odds are that I’m doing great. That I feel fantastic.

If any of this makes you uncomfortable.. if any of my responses make you angry… if you think that I am somehow being cocky, just by answering your questions.. somehow trying to prove something… somehow trying to make you feel bad… then you need to MAN UP and take stock of your life.

This is my life. This is what I do with it. These are my goals and dreams. And I’m happpy. And I’m doing great, thank you. And if any of that upsets you, or makes you feel insecure, that’s your problem, not mine. That’s cause for concern and question, not cause for anger or resentment.

If anyone else’s happiness makes you upset or jealous… If hearing about someone else’s life makes you feel insecure or angry… that is a sure sign that you are not living your life as you TRULY want to live it. It’s a sure sign that you need a change.

Matthew and Max

Weighted Pullups Update!

March 23, 2007

9 sets, 1 rep per set. Got up to 105lbs today, as predicted, with strict form.  Success!  Tried 115 but had to kip.  Goal for August:  135lbs!

I saw the most amazing video on CROSSFIT where a fairly skinny guy did a weighted pullup with 155lbs on him.  Wow.  I have so much potential, and so much progress to make!


What’s on my IPOD at the gym!

March 23, 2007

mp.jpgI know….. lots of people are going to make fun of me for this. There are some possibly “questionable” songs on this list. But you’ve got to listen to whatever gets you juiced up. Here’s a sampling of my current workout mix:

  1. Sandstorm vs. Insomnia – Darude and some Australlian guy.
  2. Shakedown – Bob Seger (from the Beverly Hills Cop Soundtrack)
  3. Trains – Porcupine Tree
  4. One Mic – Nas
  5. Stir it Up – Pattie Labelle (YES—- ONCE AGAIN.. from Beverly Hills Cop!)
  6. Clocks – Coldplay
  7. Remember the Name – Fort Minor
  8. Killing in the Name – Rage Against the Machine
  9. Machinehead – Bush
  10. Return of the Mack – Mark Morrison
  11. Into the Groove – Madonna
  12. Touch the Sky – Kanye & Lupe Fiasco
  13. Diamonds are Forever – Kanye & Jay Z
  14. Jesus Walks – Kanye
  15. Mo Money Mo Problems – BIG, Puff, & Mace
  16. All Night Long – AC/DC
  17. Hurricane – Bob Dylan (especially when I’m out on the wood trails running)
  18. Poison – Alice Cooper
  19. Out of Touch – Hall and Oates (yes… you can all laugh now)
  20. By Your Side – Jadakiss
  21. No More Drama – Mary J. Blige
  22. HIGHER – MOVE.MEANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the closer. If I don’t have anything left, I just turn on this track.

PS. Check out this photograph that my little brother took! It won an award last year in a photography competition— it’s of a tree in our front yard. The kid is amazing! The picture is pretty great too.

Waiting on the World to Change

March 23, 2007

gulcrugby3.jpgI love that song by John Mayer. But I’m not waiting on the world to change. We’ve got plans for years. Man Up Now. The YES Program. Step Up Now. Man Up Now Productions. Man Up Now Publications. We have an infinite universe of ways to go out there and make the world better.

I come at everything from the direction of love. I love myself. I love my fellow man. So I strive. So I am good to myself. And I want other people to do the same thing. It doesn’t matter what you strive for. Whether you want to be an engineer or a musician, an actor or a professional soccer player, an investment banker…. a commerical airline pilot (hey Franke!)… Just do what you love. And strive. Strive to be amazing at it. If you do what fulfills you, you’ll be happy. And happiness – yours, and that of those around you – is the greatest thing in the world.

Excited about today’s workout. Weighted pull-ups. Probably will get as high as +115lbs. I’ll post an update later!

Getting Ready for the April Core Transformation

March 22, 2007

We’re starting to get really excited about the April Core Transformation, which will take place in LA in just under a month. I can’t wait to get back to LA, meet all of the members! Do you ever walk around and think about these things… the law of attraction… asking and trusting you will receive… faith… unlimited faith… and feel like you know a secret… like you just want to share it with the world… like you just want to help everyone else become their own answer? Well, that’s how I feel. The LA seminar is coming up, and I get more excited about it every day. But you know what, it’s a beautiful, sunny, 75 degree day in D.C. And life is great.


Awesome, Inspirational Rap Group from LA

March 22, 2007

Move.meant. Check these guys out. They are absolutely awesome! I first heard their song Higher right when we were launching Man Up Now. The lyrics are out of this world, “Because it’s all right here, right now. Breathe. You ain’t gotta be a robot. Think for yourself, fight for your soap box. And forgive your fathers cause they know not. What they’d do if they only knew they might.. Breathe.. we can take it higher than that…”

After I heard that song, and that line, I actually wrote a letter to my father, and did exactly that… forgave him. If you want to check out movement, CLICK HERE!

On Joe Vitale

March 22, 2007

Go to Joe Vitale’s blog here — — and just read some of the things this guy has to say. Joe is the real deal. He is one of our biggest inspirations. I just love reading his blog. It always inspires me. It continues to give me a new perspective on life. It helps me to set bigger goals for myself. To strive for even greater things.

When I read Joe’s blog, even his random thoughts, my mind just starts turning over all the possibilities; all the great things we can do with Man Up Now and beyond.

Life really is amazing. ALL OF US really do have unlimited potential. ALL OF US can change the world. ALL OF US can live our dreams. There’s enough out there for everyone.